Engage in Next-Generation Fitness!
Modern Design for the Modern Sophisticate
Associate with the lifestyle you lead. GymGuru’s line up of fitness equipment employs sleek, minimalistic design languages of today across all their products, while keeping technologically advanced features within the smallest possible footprint for that clean, timeless look that matches your modern lifestyle.

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Gym Guru’s patented magnetic and gear ratio also allow users to start their own workout level with a breeze. Ingenuity, their designs also concealed the compact resistive mechanism into the slim uniform column reducing the risk of vandalism while looking stylish.  

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Breaking spatial boundaries with cutting-edge technology
Working out in the modern world no longer entails an uninspiring and institutional ambience. Tour De France exercise bikes fitted with incline/decline capabilities and video support transports your workout to the most exciting of locations worldwide! Recreate the experience of riding on-location with palpable bumps parallel to actuality.

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The full-color 7” touch screen allows you to monitor your workout stats with the swipe of a finger while built-in iFit® technology and Google Maps™ allows you to ride anywhere in the world. Seamlessly take your outdoors cycling experience indoors with the FreeMotion Tour de France bike.

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Seamless connectivity with your lifestyle
Live your life without compromise. LifeSpan Treadmill Desks complements light workout sessions into your busy work life to keep your ideal lifestyle trucking along, while seamlessly tracking your fitness progress on your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.

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A bike desk is a great way to exercise while you work, burning calories, increasing productivity and creativity, and reducing stress. Cycle at your exercise desk bike while on conference calls, typing, answering emails or surfing the web.

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