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Extend your High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) regime with our heart-thumping products! Be it checking out new ways of maximising your body potential or simply yearning the extra adrenaline to power you through your next HIIT workout, our lineup of recommendations are bound to aid you in achieving your goals!

MoveStrong Wall Mounted Functional Training System & FightStrong Collection

Movestrong pumps up the aerobic adrenaline with their Wall Mounted FTS and FightStrong collection. Utilise training accessories such as resistance bands, suspension trainers, medicine balls, training roles and more to conjure up your unique HIIT training regime! Alternatively, hop on the up and coming trend of Mixed Martial Arts and configure the FightStrong Collection’s modular design with freely organismal accessories for an all-rounded MMA training! 
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Stairmaster Gauntlet Stepping Machine

When it comes to HIIT, trust in nobody giving their all like the Spartans do. With Stairmaster’s 30-year experience in perfecting the step-climbing workout, and partnership with The Spartan Race, The Gauntlet’s Spartan Training Edition features unique Spartan Race challenges such as 6 different race options and 3 different race lengths to bring out the next level of intensity in your workout.
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Jacobs Ladder

Step up your workout intensity the safe and easy way! Jacobs Ladder's 'low impact, high intensity' patented design minimises impact on the joints during a workout to keep you going at full potential without the fear of overloading your body. The built of Jacobs Ladder intentionally makes the user adopt a climbing position that naturally reduces stress on their back and hips, making it the perfect rehabilitation choice for body and back injuries.
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The Boxmaster is a robust training tool designed for punching your way into fitness, coordination and agility. Pump-up your heart with a hearty workout that allows any combination of punches unlike any other product on the market. The Boxmaster’s spring arm design allows optimal strike absorption and prevents injuries for an aggressively fun workout.
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Woodway Curve XL
The Woodway Curve XL relies on users being the ‘force’ that drives it. Train your speed, endurance and explosive power using the Curve XL’s adjustable magnetic resistance brake. Accompanied by the Force software, the Woodway Curve XL gains an added ability to track data such as step length, rate and symmetry for gait analysis/research of an athlete's performance.

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DO!T Air Rower & Air Bike
Designed and built for intensive total-body workouts and body conditioning, the DO!T Air Rower and Air Bike offers unlimited air and magnetic resistance for training at a level that suits your fitness. For a higher intensity workout, simply row/pedal faster to feel the immediate increase in resistance. An in-built computer console also allows tracking of your progress in various denominations such as Time, Speed, Distance, Calories and more!
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