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Energize with 'Everything Aqua'!

The rush of the current water against your legs, the soothing sound of the running water. Water can benefit you in many ways – be it improving your mental health to strengthening your muscles; such as how the sound of running water helps you feel more relaxed. Choose your water intensity: from plunging into our stimulating aquatic gym equipment to lowering your tension through steam and sauna. Let water be the perfect addition to your fitness facilities!

Upgrade your gym experience with our selection of products to achieve the optimum balance between fitness and aqua therapy!


Aqquatix Float2Fitness
Pump up your workout force with Aqquatix Float2Fitness! Train your stamina, endurance and power using the multi-functional floating gym. Create dynamic workouts while maintaining a cool and comfortable atmosphere! Its modular built allows versatility between different exercises while simultaneously being used in a group of people regardless of age or fitness abilities. Float2Fitness ensures maximum stability during aquatic fitness workouts with its mountable bases, assuring a safe yet powerful performance.
First Degree Fitness E216 Fluid Rower & E520 Fluid Rower
First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower is a one of a kind fitness equipment – it blurs the line between outdoor and indoor training, delivering the closest experience to being on-water rowing! It engages muscles in the human body with a natural catch and resistance. The workout itself is not limited to any age nor fitness level, geared to satisfy all kinds of users with its impactful design. Unlimited to physical training only, the sound of running water will bring about a psychological effect such as increasing your mental energy.

TyloHelo Impression Twin
Experience a whole new kind of refresh by sweating it out with Tylo’s Impression Twin. Beautiful and elegant, Impression Twin is a sauna and steam room built with a versatile fit and interior. Space is never a problem with Impression – its super compact size is an easy solution for everyone. Optimize your exercise with Impression: it’s the perfect treat for anyone anywhere; from penthouses to presidential suites!