Step up the INTENSITY!
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Time to step up the intensity!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has in recent years returned to the limelight with its proven effectiveness of achieving more progress over traditional steady-state exercises. While the beauty of HIIT lies in its variety of possibilities and simplicity to be performed anywhere, sessions in the gym today tend to revolve around traditionally mundane treadmills, bikes and stairmills that more often than not, discount the fun and intensity out of this much-hyped workout.

We understand the struggle and would like to share with you today new solutions we believe could aid in finding back fun of HIIT in your next workout! Step up your next training's intensity while experiencing double the fun!

Unlike typical treadmills, Stairmaster's Hiit Mill & Hiit Mill X are self-powered speed and strength training tools providing effective resistance training within a small footprint. Achieve your peak performance restriction-free, or switch up your training - push, sprint or farmers carry - all within 1 compact machine!
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The Abs Company X3S Bench
Achieve maximum results in minimal space with the portable X3S Bench, a chair-bench combination delivering a complete workout for the abs, legs and core with one compound movement. Increase workout intensity for a full body workout with the addition of dumbbells!
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The Abs Company Tire Flip 180
Tire Flip exercises is a fun way to build power and strength but requires large amount of outdoor spaces. Tire flip 180's multi-functional nature and space conscious design allows stationary indoor tire-flipping exercises with the option of adding free weights up to 80 pounds to accommodate users of all fitness levels!
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