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With social distancing still an ongoing measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19, physical activity in schools, hospitals, and other public areas are greatly affected as contact from one person to another needs to be minimized. That's where the FITLIGHT Trainer™ comes handy. With it, one can perform many exercises and still keep their hearts pumping. Click on the videos below to learn more:
Different types of athletes using FITLIGHT™
The different programs available in FITLIGHT™
  Sports & Activities that can be performed:  
  And many more!  
FITLIGHT™ Demonstration: Push-ups
  Benefits & Improvements:  
  The Elderly can join in on the fun too!  
The elderly using FITLIGHT™
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“Robust water-resistant, hard-shelled, multi-environment applications from variable tactile contact-triggered rehab/prehab setup, through to 10cm - 80cm programmable proximity sensors for agility & reaction testing, as well as strength conditioning gamefication, with variable LED and audio beep cues. Makes for a truly expanded arsenal for the innovative trainer in a time of technology and spacial distancing, to keep people moving autonomously and capture accurate benchmark timing stats for SAQ repeatability testing.

Training intact teams, conducting fitness selections or promoting autonomous play, is now bolstered with accurate big data and a straightforward UIUX programmable interface. Spend more time keeping people moving and let tech simplify the backend processes. Am impressed, I know you are too. In the battle against sedentary lifestyle choices, technology does opens up possibilities through play innovation. A timely reminder to each of us to champion play - to move, often, and move well; the health benefits will come, along with the joy of bonding people and communities daily.

Fully customisable functions and modes can be calibrated by the operator with a quick orientation of the programmable tablet interface. Once pre-programmed, testing modes can be stored for one-click operation toggle. Fixed structural mounts with a host of adaptors and accessories available to customise for specific sports use. As with all technology devices, for streamlined institution operations, best to have a small team take charge of quarterly maintenance checks, as we would with all electronics.

Performance data may be accurately captured for contrast and further intervention. Setup configuration possible for IPPT sit-up and push-ups proximity count capture with one controller to 4 wireless Fitlight beacons.”

- Samuel Nicholas Chu,
Lecturer, Physical Education & Sports,
Institute of Technical Education,
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